It is our member's responsibility to go through our Terms and Conditions. This is an electronic agreement, but it has the same effects with hard copy or paper work agreement.

By accessing our website and all the pages hereof, you are indicating that you have read, acknowledge and agree to be bound by the Terms and Conditions of this website. If you do not agree to these Terms and Conditions, please do not access this web site. Instaforex Naira reserves the right to change these Terms and Conditions which you are responsible for regularly reviewing and your continued use of this web Site constitutes agreement to all such changes.

A.1. This Agreement is made effective between Instaforex Naira represented by its Affiliated Partners (hereinafter referred to as the Company) and any individual or legal unit (hereinafter referred to as the Client). This Agreement is an integral part of the public documents package, pursuant to which the Company provides services (including services of trading and informational nature, etc.) to its Clients.
A.2. The present Agreement applies to information, published on the Company's Web-server (site), or broadcast, disseminated, or published via other information channels or reproduced on other information carriers, including hard (paper) copies.
A.3. We are not a forex broker and does not offer any brokerage services. We presently trade online products , such as crude oil, currencies  with Instaforex, a reputable forex broker in Russia.
A.4 Some information listed on our website are copied and it is listed without any guarantee and can change or be remove at anytime without your notice. They are information such as news links, live account opening link, copy trade, etc.
A.5 When the Client chooses our services or otherwise interacts with the Company, she/he fully agrees to all the terms and conditions of all the publicly proclaimed documents. The Client shall immediately cease all interaction with the Company, if the Client does not agree with any article (section, part) of any public document of the Company (namely: if the Client does not agree with the terms of usage of information provided by the Company, etc.).

B.1. Our Trading Server is software and hardware system connected to the Internet and capable of providing a certain amount of information upon request, if provided authorization is successful. The information may not involve any financial instrument quotation, finance news and other current flow.
B.1.2 The Company's Web-server (site) is also a software and hardware system connected to the Internet and capable of providing information upon request. Herewith, in order to receive information from the Web-server (site), prior authorization may or may not be required from the Client (information user), however, the provisions of the present Agreement equally apply to information transmitted via open channels, without authorization, and via secure channels, if provided authorization is successful.
B.1.3 Information or data represented in electronic or other form: texts (having any nature and content whatsoever, including encrypted texts, such as scripts, passwords, etc.), images, design elements and photos, as well as audio and video records.

Registering on the website
B.2.1 Third party registration on the site is not allowed, even if this party is aware of or has asked to do so; consequently any person who wishes to register on the site shall do so independently.
B.2.2 you are to provide during registration,  accurate information (to the extent necessary for registration); in the case that there are actual changes in this data (for example, change of residence, surname (for any reason), phone number and personal data during registration), please make relevant modifications in a timely manner. Registration data may be changed, for instance, by contacting the relevant Company employee via the contact form.
B.2.3 Information usage refers to the possibility of viewing data using software installed on Client's hardware (client terminal, browser, etc.) or the possibility of converting, copying, duplicating, or transferring to other carriers or to transforming (in particular, production of hard copies), duplicating and deleting this information by whatever means. The transfer of the data to third-parties by any means is also considered information usage.
B.2.4 having a direct portfolio on our website implies trading a joint account with us. It implies owing a little stake of our profit. And Profit is added to you any month we make profit.
B.2.5 We don’t accept payment from our website, payment are made through an approve and legal online payment agent and possibly on digital channels.

C.1.1 You are to learn at least the basic things about currencies and commodities trading.  Make appropriate arrangements to ensure security of your data, which may be used to obtain access of any system (service) provided by the Company.
You are to provide us accurate information about you and your trading account (instaforex). In case you provide us with wrong information, the company reserves the right to reject your registration and doing business with us.

C.1.2 You are to open a trading account with our preferred broker (Instaforex) using our provided open account link. Verification of your account and to observe and maintain your relationship with the broker as well as accepting all their rules including their terms of services (TOS).
C.1.3 To be fully sole responsible on your account and portfolio  activities such as checking your history and performances of your account, Funding and withdrawal of your account, opening of trading contract with us, as you know our work is simply to help you trade your account either as having personal portfolio or joint portfolio.
C.1.4 Do not attempt to use our services for third party business, or submit a third party account. Do not use our services for any commercial purposes.

C.1.5 Opening of contract is done by you. You are to visit our site either daily, weekly, monthly base on the type of trading contract you want us to help you trade.

C.1.6 The risk measure you selected when opening a trading contract with us is your risk. You are solely responsible for the outcome of the trade. Your trade may end in profit or lose; your risk measure is your best strategy.
C.1.7 To fund any account you want us to trade for , using our recommended funding links and pages.

Technical and trading Risk
You shall be responsible for the risks of financial losses caused by the failure of information, communication, electronic and other systems. The result of any system failure may be that your order is either not executed according to your instructions by the broker or it is not executed at all by us,  We shall  not accept any liability in the case of such a failure.
You shall be responsible for the risks of losses caused by:
(a) customer's or broker's hardware or software failure, malfunction or misuse;
(b) Poor Internet connection either on your side, our side or from your broker and interruptions or transmission blackouts or public electricity network failures or hacker attacks, overload of connection;
(C) You shall acknowledges that that we reserve the right to take our commission immediately we close any of your trading contract on profit without notifying you. Also, we can increase our commission charges at any time without notification to you.



D.1. We reserves the right to reject your contract offer to trade for you without any explanation. And we also reserve the right to terminate our contract with you even before the ending time of your trade.
D.1.1 Our contract with you ends as soon as your trade is close. Daily, weekly, monthly contract. (These trades may end in positive results or negative results) You are to send us new request any time your trading contract ends with us.
D.1.2 Forex and commodities market is very speculative and there no 100% guarantee of profit regularly, therefore  our right is to maintain the maximum risk according to your description, however this risk may be extended if need arises or through broker interferences, we are not going to be help held responsible for this.
D.2. We do not trade bonus account and demo account. You must provide for us real or live account with required minimum balance. Also we do not trade third party account, the account must owned by you.
D.2.1 It is not our responsibility to send you history of your account, this is done between you and your broker.

D.2.2 Your instaforex account funding and withdrawal is final, you can not request for a refund once your account hss been funded or withdrawal paid. We reserve the right to change our funding and withdrawal rate or charges without any notification to you.  

D.2.3. We takes our share of profit  as soon as we end your trade on profit. We do not take any share on a lose trade.

D.2.4 Protection of your funds is not our responsibility; it is you and your brokers responsibly. We do not offer customer care services for you regarding your trading account, it is you and your broker’s responsibility to do so.

D.2.5 We trade only instaforex account.

If you lack of experience to trade on your own, and does not want to have a personal portfolio with us, you can use the service of copying trades of successful traders or invest in PAMM accounts.

Investors use the system of PAMM accounts in order to invest their funds in trader accounts with the purpose of taking a part of profit made by traders. The process of investing implies the transfer of funds under the broker's control which entitles an investor to a share in a trader ( our account)  account proportionate to the investment.

G.1. We reserves the right to amend this agreement at any time, a notice may not be sent to you about this, it is your right to frequently check our terms and condition.
G.2. You  agree with all the conditions of the Company's public documents for using the Company's services and will immediately cease using the Company's services in case of disagreement.